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What are macarons?

Let’s settle the debate: ‘mac-a-rohn’ or ‘mac-a-roon’?

Ah yes, the big debate just about everybody is talking about… is it macaron or macaroon?
Well, put simply, it’s pronounced ‘mac-a-rohn’. In fact a ‘mac-a-roon’ is a completely different sweet treat altogether.

So, what’s the difference? A macaron is almond based and a macaroon is made with shredded coconut. Whilst they’re both cookies, they look completely different and are made differently too. Here’s how they compare:

Macarons or macaroons comparison

What are macarons?

A macaron is an elegant and delicate cookie baked with ingredients including almond flour, egg whites, and sugar which make up its cakey shells. Whilst the filling is either chocolate ganache or cream-based (but we tend to use a chocolate ganache filling around here!).

Two macaron cookies are sandwiched together with its creamy filling in between – and you bet it, they taste amazing.

Pistachio Macarons

Where do they come from?

Macarons were born and raised in Italy! Surprised? We thought you’d be. Although macarons originate from Italy, their recipe was tweaked in France and was crowned the hot spot for tasting macarons, especially in Paris. So much so, there are actually two techniques of making macarons – the Italian method and the French method.

We love making both methods here at Milly’s Patisserie but all of our macarons use a French macaronage technique. Super scrumptious.

4 fun facts about macarons:

  • They’re completely and naturally gluten-free – so if you’re part of the coeliac club or eating with the gluten-free tribe, you can enjoy them too!
    (all of our flavours are 100% gluten-free, apart from our Oreo and Biscoff flavours)
  • National Macaron Day is on 31st May every year
  • Each macaron is usually under 90 calories, compared to a cupcake which averages around 300 calories (it’s a win-win!)
  • It’s not the coloured shell that has the flavour, it’s the filling!

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