Our Macaron Flavours

Wondering which macaron flavours to choose? Let’s give you a hand!

Here’s our entire selection of macaron flavours, so you can choose your favourite flavours to go with your order. We’ve got a wide selection of 14 different varieties for you to choose from. So, whether you fancy something chocolatey, fruity, nutty or biscuit based – there’s a macaron flavour for everyone.

Milk Chocolate Flavour Macaron

Milk Chocolate Macaron

We use a premium quality milk chocolate in our ganache filling, so every bite of your macaron is pure luxury!

Coconut Macaron

Feeling coconutty? Our newest macaron flavour is super creamy, flakey and bursting full of flavour!

Raspberry Flavour Macaron

Raspberry Macaron

This one is so berry tasty. You’ll get a pop of raspberry in the middle of this mouth-watering macaron, with a creamy layer of chocolate ganache.

Pistachio Flavour Macaron

Pistachio Macaron

You’ll go nuts over this filling! It’s made with freshly ground pistachios, mixed with a creamy chocolate ganache.

White Chocolate Flavour Macaron

White Chocolate Macaron

Our premium quality white chocolate macaron uses a velvety white chocolate ganache filling with a vibrant blue coloured macaron shell.

Salted Caramel Macaron

Praline Macaron

This one’s for all the chocoholics! A smooth hazelnut chocolate filled macaron – one bite will reveal its delicious praline centre.

Praline Flavour Macaron

Salted Caramel Macaron

The perfect combination of sweet and savory – our salted caramel macaron is filled with a smooth caramel centre, surrounded by chocolate ganache.

Strawberry Macaron

Feeling fruity? This classic macaron flavour will give you a burst of strawberry jam goodness with every bite.

Lemon Macaron

When life gives you lemons, make macarons – right?! Filled with a zingy lemon curd centre and a white chocolate ganache.

Blueberry Flavoured Macaron

Blueberry Macaron

Probably one of our most juicy macarons is our blueberry flavour. Made with a fresh blueberry reduction centre and a subtle chocolate ganache filling.

Oreo Flavoured Macaron

Oreo Macaron

If cookies and cream are your vibe, this macaron was made just for you! Here we have a macaron filled with a biscuity oreo ganache filling

Vanilla Flavour Macaron

Vanilla Macaron

We’ve developed this super tasty and classic macaron flavour, made with the finest vanilla bean paste and chocolate ganache filling.

Biscoff Flavoured Macaron

Biscoff Macaron

We can’t get enough of Lotus Biscoff, so it had to have it’s very own macaron flavour. We’ve crumbled the original Biscoff biscuits into a super yummy ganache filling.

Rose Flavour Macaron

Rose Macaron

This creamy and fragrant macaron flavour combines the finest floral rose essence mixed with a white chocolate ganache.

Frappe Flavour Macaron

Frappe Macaron

Coffee addicts, we’ve got you covered. This macaron is just the right fix to go with your morning cappuccino. Includes a frappe-infused chocolate ganache filling.